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INDIBA® has developed and patented a range of radiofrequency devices which use high-frequency currents (~ 448 kHz) to raise the internal temperature of human tissue.
INDIBA® is a high-frequency generator for the application of radiofrequency using electrodes that utilize the device’s two operating techniques or modes: capacitive (CAP) and resistive (RES).

In resistive mode, a high-frequency current is circulated by applying the active stainless-steel electrode directly to human tissue. The current is concentrated in the area being treated and returns dispersed through the neutral return electrode. The circulation of currents through human tissue (a medium that is basically resistive to these frequencies) raises the internal temperature of the area being treated.

In capacitive mode, the active electrode is coated with an insulating material that creates a layer between the metal core and the human tissue, forming a capacitor that allows a high-frequency current to pass, which raises the internal temperature of the area being treated. The current returns through the neutral return electrode.

Both methods can achieve high internal temperatures and are easy to apply.
Application in resistive mode achieves significantly higher temperature levels and penetrates more deeply.


Home Vitaliont and Super Vitaliont treatment videos are up!

We would like to inform you that we already have the videos about the use of our iontophoresis devices: “Super Vitaliont” for professional use and “Super Vitaliont” for home use. Please check them for more details about its use.

You can see the videos here:

Home Vitaliont

"Home Vitaliont" is the new iontphoresis device for home care use of "Super Vitaliont", that also can be used for body care as well as facial care. It is compact, but is equipped with advanced functions and can also be used with the same solvents used with Super Vitaliont.

Home Vitaliont

Super Vitaliont

After years of research, Indiba Japan has developed Super Vitaliont, the new iontophoresis device that uses essences and electrodes to help clear up many different skin problems and imperfections.

Super Vitaliont

Essences for iontophoresis


Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate (Asc2P・Na)


  • 0.4g×12vials with purified water
  • 0.4g×24vials (without purified water)

In case of Vitaliont, the reduction rate, an indicator of how much Vitamin C converted from Provitamin C remains in a pharmacologically effective, stable form, is much higher than that of similar products in the market, thus allowing greater effectiveness.

Eliminate free radicals resulting from UV rays and reduce the effect of melanin which causes blemishes. We’ll lead you to clear-feeling skin. Further, it’ll tighten up worrying pores, and regulate the texture of your skin through effective whitening.

Extra Placen ST

Placenta (concentrate solution) for skin care (50ml)

Extra Placen ST

Extra Placen ST is formulated using 100% pure and fresh placenta extracted from Spanish healthy porcine.
Placenta extract stimulates your skin’s regeneration process, completely removes blemishes, dullness, wrinkles and other skin problems.
The result is your skin becomes rejuvenated, fresh, soft, smooth and elastic making you look and feel younger and revitalized.

Thermo Starch

(Water-Soluble Powder)

Thermo Starch

  • 6g×12vials

Thermo Starch is a new highly concentrated Provitamin C (30% concentration) containing a thermal stabilizer to avoid decomposition under thermal treatment, which is converted into Vitamin C after absorption in the body.

It’s not a conventional skin care product and can be used also for body treatments: researches have proved its effectiveness in cellulite and lipid reduction and a patent has been obtained for its combined used with Indiba devices (Patent N.4872028).

Corporate Profile
Company Name INDIBA-JAPAN Co., LTD.
Company Formation April 1, 1994
Company Establishment June 15, 1995
Capital 30 million yen
Chairman Yuji Yamaguchi
President Kaoru Yamaguchi
Address Head Office 1F・B1F,5-15-1,Himonya,Meguro-ku,TOKYO JAPAN
TEL +813-5768-8871
FAX +813-5768-8872

Home Vitaliont and Super Vitaliont treatment videos

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