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Home Vitaliont and Super Vitaliont treatment videos are up!

We would like to inform you that we already have the videos about the use of our iontophoresis devices: “Super Vitaliont” for professional use and “Super Vitaliont” for home use. Please check them for more details about its use.

You can see the videos here:

Home Vitaliont

"Home Vitaliont" is the new iontphoresis device for home care use of "Super Vitaliont", that also can be used for body care as well as facial care. It is compact, but is equipped with advanced functions and can also be used with the same solvents used with Super Vitaliont.

Super Vitaliont

After years of research, Indiba Japan has developed Super Vitaliont, the new iontophoresis device that uses essences and electrodes to help clear up many different skin problems and imperfections.